MOME is an architecture, design, and construction studio born from different perspectives with the same understanding of architecture: each project is unique, tells a different story, and responds to a specific context.


María Elizalde
María Mancera
María Ormazabal

Ana Montemayor
Raúl Álvaro
Malena López
Azahara Sánchez

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Our architectural projects are not just the result of a good technical and creative team, but also of close collaboration with the client, which is the foundation of our philosophy and our work.

Each project is developed in a personalized and unique way based on the terms set in an ongoing dialogue with the client.

We provide the guarantee of complete and realistic commitment in the tandem of time and budget on our projects

First Steps

For our team, every project begins at the first meeting. We have a team specialized in guiding our client in:

– the search and selection of a plot, house, or premises that suits their needs

– studying the potential transformation of our clients’ properties

– in guiding the management of the investment made or to be made in the real estate market

First Meeting

This first meeting will help us determine the needs of each individual and therefore of the project. With this, a base budget proposal is presented that adapts to the initial information.

We sign a collaboration agreement between both parties. In this, the conditions, guarantees, project deadlines, and budget are established.


Approach to the Project

The first approach to each project is developed both individually and collectively to make the project as comprehensive as possible and always approached from different perspectives.

From this point, different project options are established from various perspectives, always in accordance with the budget.


All ideas are worked through different means. Plans, collages, diagrams, 3D visualizations, etc., are created to allow us to explore different variations before reaching the level of definition we seek in all our projects.

Once the idea is defined, we continue working on the project. The architectural plans are further detailed, and the plans for installations, construction, and structure are developed.


Materiality of the Project

Throughout the project and construction process, we work with a wide variety of suppliers, vendors, and artisans. We define the materials that complete the idea and shape the project.

We always work with quality standards in materials or supplies that allow us to guarantee their durability and aesthetics.

Construction Phase

All works and projects have a parallel adaptation phase to address complications that may arise during construction. Our work involves resolving these issues and a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the design. We take care of cost control and maintain the construction timelines.

We work in continuous collaboration with each part of the project to reflect the personality and needs of its future users.

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Interior Design

The level of development of each project is adapted to its specific needs. If the client desires, the idea is developed to include interior design and furnishings.

This will not only be composed of existing furniture designs, always carefully selected for each project, but we also offer the possibility of custom-made pieces and key furniture elements to be designed and produced bespoke to fit with the project, the client’s lifestyle, and the atmosphere of the space.

End of the Project

Our relationship does not end once the project and construction are completed, as with each client, the family that makes up and supports MOME.ESTUDIO grows. We will continue to attend to all requests and collaborate on the small design opportunities that may arise (furniture, landscaping, etc.) to continue enhancing each project, as we believe they are works in constant evolution, and we want to be there to be a part of it.

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