Costa del Sol

New construction

235 m2


The[VOL] project was based on the premise of looking but not to be seen. This condition of privacy from the entrance gave rise to a set of volumes that closes towards its access but opens to the sea.

The construction is built in white concrete, using light local aggregates. By leaving the material exposed, the building is integrated into the landscape. The light concrete brings the beauty of the materiality that ages and changes with the passage of time.

On the first floor, two volumes act as supporting elements for the upper body of the building, curving in the center to frame the access. The upper volume is a rectangular prism that houses the night program.

In the main common space, the upper volume supports the lower one, freeing alternative faces that frame both the sea and the sky. The natural lighting of this space is horizontal, diagonal or vertical depending on the time of day, opening to different orientations so that the light varies according to the use of the room.

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