179 m2


This two-storey apartment on the outskirts of Madrid has been renovated in a way that alters its original layout by using the curve as a tool to create a space in which natural light flows from various points throughout the day, illuminating and transforming the room.

In order to serve a dual purpose, the staircase has been modified. On the one hand, it acts as a transition element between floors and rooms, connecting with the entrance. On the other, it becomes a light box that brings lighting from the upper floor to the main common space. This way, the central area will be illuminated from all directions.

A curved background leads to the bedrooms, hidden behind doors integrated into the walls.

The common area is located in this main space. Entrance, kitchen, living room, and dining room are all centered around a totem, a column with curved edges absorbing the pre-existing structural elements and installations. This piece articulates the space by acting as a pivot for the false ceiling arches that differentiate the different rooms.

As a result, light flows through the entire house emphasizing the characteristic contrasts and natural imperfections of the materials in use: wood, stucco and natural stone which provide a changing texture over the course of the day and over time.

Proyecto de arquitectura: mome.estudio

Fotografía: Javier Bravo

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