Integral reform

103 m2


Located in the center of Madrid, [EMB] project was an open space where all the elements that compose the living program were to be introduced, including the option of two bedrooms and a work area. The entire program of the house is solved by the use of only two architectural elements.

First of all, an equipped strip is inserted along the space to separate the bedroom from the living room, serving as storage on one side while turning into a flexible work area at the end. This wooden, natural oak band crosses the house longitudinally following a curved path. This gesture prevents the bedroom and dressing room area from invading the kitchen and dining space, which leads to a fluid common area where kitchen – dining – living room follow come after the other in a natural way.

The second element is a module that absorbs the shafts and existing ducts. It’s attached to the house maintaining the continuity of the finishes in order to blend in the space.

The bathroom is contained inside the unit while including storage and a pull-down bed in the perimeter, enabling the possibility to create a second bedroom with the support of curtains that compartment the space.

The flexible program is completed by the custom design of two pieces of furniture: a sofa that adapts to the living room area and its different uses, even splitting itself to divide the room; and an island-table which integrates in the cooking and dining area in different positions in order to meet the needs of both spaces.

The light crosses the whole house from end to end reflecting on the clear surfaces due to the continuous cladding of the entire house and its layout, creating different atmospheres throughout the day.

Proyecto de arquitectura: mome.estudio

Fotografía: Javier Bravo / Hiperfocal

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