New construction

195 m2


This newly built seafront house is constructed by a succession of vaults that frame the Mediterranean Sea.

The project is characterized by the robustness of the vaulted construction system, which is balanced with neutral-colored materials, emphasizing the sea.

Continuous textures and finishes are used in order to not interfere with the landscape. The vaults are made with reinforced concrete, whereas the continuous pavement finish generates a continuity between interior and exterior.

In addition, the lines are simplified by recessing the window frames and integrating part of the furniture as part of the construction of the house. As an example of this gesture, the large stainless steel bookshelf runs through the entire living room as part of the support of the vault to house a collection of books.

The relationship between interior and exterior spaces, along with the pleasant climate, allows for the creation of a semi-outdoor dining area, also vaulted. This arch frames the landscape dominated by water and creates continuity between the pool and the sea.

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